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Discovering Mysteries!

My desire is to connect you with our Creator! When you desire good, you are on the right path to seeing him in the way he wants to be seen. Proverbs 11:23

At Desire Good, I take you on a journey through time. I show you different facets of the English language spoken and written by many generations in different ways and for different purposes. I help you to decipher the meanings these peoples used within their translations of Scripture. I teach you how to research and how to think objectively as well as subjectively.

It's a lot of fun to sleuth these things out. The revelations, however, often bring life changes, and as with any life change, changing is the hard part. I know when I learned some of these fundamental values, I was none too happy about the pains of the change, so I expect you to go through some grievances as you too discover the truths I did. Don't worry though. It's better on the other side ... much better! I am waiting for you there!