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Is there a way to make this subject simple for you to get without you being distracted by the warning signs, curses, badgering, and shaming that comes from pulpits worldwide, which very well do attempt to distract and often succeed in distracting your from mind from learning VERY old things? Although with the news of the old coming from me ... how can I stop your mind from killing it and marking it as foreign, ungodly, and abominable?

-> Do know that coinage existed before the practice of tithing?

-> Do know that sacrifice existed before tithing?


The idea communicated in the practice of sacrifice is acknowledging that God is Lord, and as Lord, he provides for us all that we have because it is not us who are the providers for our lives.

So when people in the Bible sacrificed their best, it was their way of saying to God that their best comes from his best, which is from him alone. The further deduction is that with what ever is left that is not the best, that the LORD will still make it be what is best for the person giving the sacrifice.

That is the idea behind sacrifice.


When it comes to the tithe then, don't you know that the Biblical tithe is always food? Yes. Even with Abram (later renamed Abraham). Folks get stuck on that one part of the text where it reads that Abram gave Melchizedek tithes of all, but they also omit the part where Abram refused to receive anything from the King of Sodom because, basically, Abram saw God as Lord and not the King of Sodom. The only thing Abram accepted was, oddly, food, and only that much food as was for a meal. Interesting, is that not?

Sit with me here a spell on this. If Abram would not receive but only food from the King of Sodom, then what did he take else already have in his possession in order to give Melchizedek a tithe of all? The scripture does state that Abram did take food but only portions of what was eaten and also wanted other portions of food to be given to those who were with him. Melchizedek offered food to Abram. So what do you think the tithe was that was given? If Abram would not receive anything of man"s making from a man, then why would Melchizedek receive anything of man"s making from a man, and how could it receive it if Abram did not take it?


Fast forward with me to the tithe in the Law. Was it not always food? Do your research, and you will see that I am correct.

Why would God receive articles of man as holy in order to worship Him in His own home ... articles such as money made by man? Why would God allow that? Why would God approve of something man made as being the most holy tithe? Does that even make sense?

God did not allow the altar to be altered by tools in order to have any design of man's mind in it. He wanted a natural rock he created that was NOT shaped by the minds of men. That was acceptable to him ... that which He created. Was there ever a gift laid upon God's altar that He Himself did not create? Did God ever accept a gift on His altar that any man created? Come on. You know what I am writing is true!


I kind of chuckle at the following idea as well as have indignation. Folks state that back then it was an agricultural society and that money was scarce and because of the scarcity of money that the tithe could have only been food instead of money.

I am like ... where have these people been taught about what life was like back then? Have they not been taught that the Law specifically declares that if a person is too far from the temple to convert the tithe to money and then, at the temple, to convert the money back into the tithe, which was food? Of all the teachers of the Bible, do you know how many DO NOT teach this Biblical truth? Question to you the reader: Why would church leaders NOT want you to know this truth?

Back then, how many people do you imagine tithed with food instead of money in comparison to how many people bought and sold goods with food instead of money? I mean ... if they didn't have money back then, then they must have bought and sold goods with food as their currency, right? Yet the Bible clearly states that Abraham was VERY RICH in silver before he ever gave his only tithe. So people did not have currency back then many have said. How tragic it is to think that is the truth and even more tragic to teach it!!

Don't you figure that about as many people have money now as people did back then? Food decays. Money does not! It is simple math. Which last the longest and holds it value the longest? Which is easier to carry? Which is easer to feed? Which is easier to trade? Come on. I am hoping you are with me on this by now.

Here is another math and logic problem. If God commanded the tithe to be only food, then why did God supposedly accept money as a tithe through Abraham? We are to have the faith that Abraham had. Why then was Israel not commanded to give a tithe of all as Abraham gave a tithe of all? Yet God stated only food. That should equate to you that Abraham also only gave food because he already knew that God did not receive things made by man as form of worshipping God as he had also told the King of Sodom.

Peer-to-Peer Leadership and Servitude

The tithe was ALWAYS given by the tithe giver to the person who was to EAT IT (consider again Melchizedek) (consider again the true Biblical tithe). How many pastors have you known to eat money instead of food for every meal?

It sounds ridiculous does it not? Yes! It does.

Timothy commanded Timothy to instruct all ministers to work a job outside of the ministry. That is the correct commandment. How many church leaders do you know who follow that commandment?

The tithe is designed to humble the tithe giver as well as the tithe receiver in order to create a union in communion for the glory of God. It is to help us put aside our differences and come to God as one. Most modern church leaderships have stripped that facet from the unity of the church in order for a church leader to have employment and to NOT raise leaders.

THOSE leaders have stripped power and do strip power from the church from each of the body being able to give the tithe as God designed peer-to-peer. THOSE leaders have robbed God's people in knowledge and in Godly leadership via peer-to-peer. THOSE leaders have caused people to be dull of hearing what God has voiced to each member of the church to do ... peer-to-peer.

If the church was taught properly to be in control over its money, then how would the money groping church leaders have a source of financial income? Scripturally, they are commanded to not use the church as a source of money anyway. They would have to work a job outside of the ministry just like the scriptures command.

Pastor to peer, pantry to peer, leadership board to peer is incorrect. Any and all of these in the form of money is entirely incorrect regarding a tithe. Giving money and receiving money is in no way the giving and the receiving of the tithe. There is no scripture to back it up! What does that mean the practice is?


What has happened is many church leaders have commanded an unBiblical tithe in the form of something created in man's image and created out of the minds of men and state that God is pleased with being worshipped with that design. This is false teaching.

Is not giving the tithe as money idolatry as well is the commanding of the giving of idols in order to worship God in a way that God is pleased?

Do your research. You will see that I am correct.